About us

Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy

Our work is based around what we call industrial innovation policy, a policy domain that focuses on the interplay between technology, innovation and industrial competitiveness.

Who we are

Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (CIIP) brings together the Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), the Policy Links Unit from IfM Engage, and the Babbage Policy Forum.

CIIP is based at the IfM, a division of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering.

At the interface of policy and industrial innovation

We work to identify value creation opportunities from emerging technologies; understand the role of manufacturing-related capabilities in capturing value; and help design policies to enhance innovation, competitiveness and societal wellbeing.

The integration of engineering, economics and management academic underpinnings allows us to overcome the limitation of national statistical systems to provide technical evidence when the details of technologies, industries and dynamics of innovation matter.

A unique approach

To ensure the practical orientation and impact of our work, we shape our agenda in collaboration with policymakers, in particular those officials in public research agencies, industry ministries and international organisations who are responsible for programme design, portfolio management and strategy development.

Our programme of research, services and networking activities allows us to capture global technological and industrial developments, leverage expertise from colleagues in key economies, and keep abreast of the latest policy developments and emerging practices.

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