Policy consulting

Offering global support for policy makers

A collaborative approach

We collaborate with governments to identify policy options with the potential to improve national competitiveness through innovation. We work with a range of stakeholders to identify trends and drivers in established and emerging sectors, the associated opportunities and challenges, and the potential government responses. We carry out:

  • Analysis of the National Innovation System
  • Identification of opportunities and challenges arising from disruptive technologies
  • Sectoral studies and roadmaps

Practical recommendations

We carry out structured reviews of policies, initiatives and mechanisms established in selected comparator countries to provide strategic insights to policy makers. By carefully accounting for the particular characteristics of the local context, such reviews can help identify effective practices to address challenges and opportunities in sectors, technologies and policy areas of interest. Practical insights are provided to support and inform policy design, including indications of budget size, practices to engage with the private sector effectively, and evaluation approaches. We help to:

  • Identify practical policy options to enhance national competitiveness and innovation
  • Share effective practices identified in the international policy practice
  • Highlight opportunities to develop linkages and collaborations with other countries

Recent case studies

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