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Introduction to industrial innovation policy

This course supports the work of civil servants and policy professionals by offering a thorough introduction to technology and innovation policy. The course will draw insights from international best practices and past policy experiences, supported by the latest academic research carried out at the University of Cambridge. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of understanding the national context if policymaking is to be effective.

This programme can be run as an online or in-company offering

Feedback from past participants

“Comments from senior staff that attended the three day training workshop were extremely positive and a number described the documentation and examples used and shared as pivotal for their strategic planning going forward in the organisation as well as their careers”.

Institutional Planning Monitoring & Evaluation, CSIR Pretoria

“This was a really worthwhile course which provided real data and allowed policy makers time to consider their implications. The ability to debate and share knowledge was really beneficial”.

Head of Manufacturing, UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

“CIIP insights helped us identify the essential elements to promote a new Economic Development Policy for our region. Following the workshops, the ‘Bilbao Smart Specialisation Plan’ was launched. The Plan has already proved beneficial in allowing the region to participate in outstanding exchange networks at a European level”.

Special Policy Advisor, Bilbao City Council

“I was really impressed with the professionalism displayed by the team from scoping to delivery. They were flexible and willing to customise the content of the course to meet our needs, even accommodating the rather last-minute request to add a seminar at the end of the workshop for other colleagues. I received excellent feedback from colleagues who attended the workshop”.

Intellectual Property Management Consultant, IPOS ValueLab Singapore

Building effective technology and innovation strategies for RTOs

Countries around the world are stepping up efforts to ensure that investments in research and innovation have a positive impact on society and national economies. In particular, there is increasing interest in the services and functions that innovation institutions should provide to foster innovation and support industrial competitiveness. This course will help you to formulate effective technology and innovation strategies in the context of emerging technological trends such as Industry 4.0.

This programme can be run as an online or in-company offering

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