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CIIP joins panel addressing Scope 3 emissions at World Economic Forum in Davos

Published on January 18th 2024

Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy’s David Leal-Ayala has spoken at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.

At the ‘Industry Net Zero: Major Opportunities for Scope 3’ session, David was joined by industry leaders Kiva Allgood (World Economic Forum), Blake Moret (Rockwell Automation), Roshan Soorunsingh Gya (Capgemini), Gunter Beitinger (Siemens) and Lauren Dunford (Guidewheel).

The panel explored the key challenges industry leaders face in addressing Scope 3 emissions and presented innovative opportunities for Scope 3 reduction – from emerging technologies to new collaborations across the value chain.

Drawing from the latest WEF Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative paper: ‘The ‘No-Excuse’ Opportunities to Accelerate Scope 3 Emissions Reduction in Manufacturing and Value Chains’, they shed light on best strategies in response to the Industry Net Zero challenge.

Co-authored by David Leal-Ayala of Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (CIIP), the paper forms part of a series of activities by the World Economic Forum’s Industry Net Zero Accelerator to help businesses to collaborate and accelerate change across industrial sectors. The paper highlights emerging opportunities and best practices to inspire private- and public-sector leaders to act and drive the net-zero transformation of global balance chains with “no excuses”.

The World Economic Forum launched the Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative in 2022 in collaboration with knowledge partners Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy and Capgemini, Rockwell Automation and Siemens, as well as a community of more than 30 global manufacturing companies to help accelerate the industry transition to net zero.

Find out more about the paper and the initiative here.

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