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COVID-19: Manufacturing at a turning point

Published on July 1st 2020

At this IfM Briefing, leading experts from the Institute for Manufacturing, including Carlos López-Gómez, draw lessons from the response of firms and governments to the COVID-19 pandemic, and look at how the manufacturing industry is likely to change and adapt in the months and years ahead.

Briefing running order
  • Rapid repurposing: Lessons from the crisis response in the UK – Tim Minshall, Head, Institute for Manufacturing
  • The role of automation and information: Operating safely and responding to changing priorities – Duncan McFarlane, Professor of Industrial Information Engineering, University of Cambridge
  • Supply chain challenges: What are the future drivers of economic growth? – Jag Srai, Head, Centre for International Manufacturing, Institute for Manufacturing
  • International policy responses: How manufacturing can emerge stronger – Carlos López-Gómez, Head, Policy Links, IfM Education and Consultancy Services
  • Panel discussion – Moderated by Jonny Williamson, Editor, TheManufacturer.com

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