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CIIP Lecture: Jostein Hauge

Thursday 12 October 2023
CIIP Lecture: The Future of the Factory – How Megatrends are Changing Industrialization – Jostein Hauge

17:30 – 18:30 | Thursday 12 October (followed by networking drinks reception)
IfM Cambridge, 17 Charles Babbage Road, CB3 0FS

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In this lecture, Jostein Hauge will present his new book:

The Future of the Factory – How Megatrends are Changing Industrialization

For centuries, industrialization and factory-based production have been core ingredients in economic growth, development, and innovation. This symbiotic relationship between industrialization and economic prosperity is now changing. ‘Megatrends’ – trends within the domains of technology, economy, society, and ecology that have a global impact – are changing the ability of the manufacturing sector to serve as the engine of growth, changing traditional ideas of technological progress, and changing growth and development opportunities in both the global South and the global North.

Four megatrends are particularly worthy of note: the rise of servicesdigital automation technologiesglobalization of production, and ecological breakdown. In this book, Jostein Hauge provides a novel analysis of how these megatrends are changing industrialization, and charts new pathways for industrial policy and global governance. He also offers a wide-ranging account of the role of technology, globalization, and ecology in shaping the world economy. The Future of the Factory shows that industrialization remains a cornerstone of economic prosperity, but that power asymmetries in the world economy create uneven opportunities for achieving economic growth, development, and industrialization.

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Jostein Hauge, Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge

Jostein Hauge is a political economist and an Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge, based at the Centre of Development Studies and the Department of Politics and International Studies. He is also a Fellow of Magdalene College. His research lies at the intersection of international political economy and development economics.

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