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How competitive is UK innovation?

Published on February 9th 2021

The UK Innovation Report benchmarks the UK’s industrial and innovation  performance in a global context. It brings together, for the first time in a single place, innovation and value-added indicators in a concise and accessible format.

There is a pressing need to support a swift economic and social recovery from COVID-19. In addition, the UK faces increasing international competition; erosion of market share in key industries; hollowing out of supply chains; the need to reduce carbon emissions; and regional imbalances. Innovation is critical to tackling all of these challenges.

This event was held online from 12:30-14:00 on 9 February 2021. Please see below for the full recording of the event:

Event agenda and speakers:

12:00 Panellists and organisers convene online
12:30 Welcome – Professor Tim Minshall
12:35 Opening remarks – Lord Sainsbury
12:40 Setting the scene and key messages from the report – Eoin O’Sullivan
12:50 Key charts and figures – Carlos Lopez-Gomez
13:05 Roundtable discussion featuring questions posed by the audience.
Eoin O’Sullivan
Carlos Lopez-Gomez
Ivana Dimitrova – Senior Economist, Economy & Strategic Analysis, BEIS
Ben Fletcher – Executive Director of Policy and Engagement, Make UK
          Roundtable discussion shared by Tim Minshall
14:00 Final remarks and close

2022 UK Innovation Report launch

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