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Lord David Willetts: Structuring public investment in industrial innovation

Published on June 8th 2021

Babbage Lecture: Lord David Willetts

In this Babbage Lecture, Lord David Willetts, president of the Resolution Foundation and former minister for universities and science (2010-14), explores how we can structure public investment to address key industrial innovation challenges, followed by a wide-ranging discussion with Lord Willetts and Professor Sir Mike Gregory, head of the Babbage Forum.

The Rt Hon. Lord Willetts FRS is the President of the Resolution Foundation. He served as the Member of Parliament for Havant (1992-2015), as Minister for Universities and Science (2010-2014) and previously worked at HM Treasury and the No. 10 Policy Unit.

Lord Willetts is a visiting Professor at King’s College London, a Board member of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), a Board member of Surrey Satellites and of the Biotech Growth Trust. He is Chair of The Foundation for Science and Technology. He is an Honorary Fellow of Nuffield College, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society and the Chancellor of the University of Leicester.

Industrial Innovation is a key determinant of economic growth. It is widely recognised that science and technology provide essential foundations. The dynamics of industrial innovation are however also driven by wider economic and managerial influences. Institutional arrangements may be particularly important in understanding and potentially co-ordinating these diverse influences.

The Babbage Lecture series includes lectures by leading figures associated with aspects of industrial innovation.

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