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Women as space invaders: reconstructing the gendered space of IT

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Women as space invaders: reconstructing the gendered space of IT

Hilde G. Corneliussen, Western Norway Research Institute

A joint Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy and Women in Manufacturing lecture
17:30 – 18:30 | Tuesday 14 May (followed by networking drinks reception)
IfM Cambridge, 17 Charles Babbage Road, CB3 0FS

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Hilde G. Corneliussen is a Research Professor and Head of Research for the Technology and Society group at Western Norway Research Institute. She holds a PhD in Humanistic Informatics from the University of Bergen. Her research focuses on the interdisciplinary field of science, technology and society, addressing topics such as gender, diversity, and inclusion in education, work and family settings. Her recent work includes a variety of topics such as recruitment into IT education, women’s tech careers, e-health innovation, the public sector’s use of artificial intelligence, and gender (un)traditional educational choices. She is a prominent speaker on topics of gender, diversity and digital transformation at national and international events.

In this lecture, Hilde will present her recently published book:  Reconstructions of Gender and Information Technology: Women Doing IT for Themselves.  Her book explores what makes women decide to pursue a career in male-dominated fields such as information technology (IT). It reveals how women experience gendered stereotypes but also how they bypass, negotiate, and challenge such stereotypes, reconstructing gender-technology relations in the process. Using the example of Norway to illuminate this challenge in Western countries, the book includes a discussion of the “gender equality paradox”, where gender equality exists in parallel with gender segregation in fields such as IT.


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