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Unpacking the machinery and equipment sector at Smart Manufacturing and Engineering Week

Published on June 6th 2024

Mateus Labrunie delivered a masterclass on the UK Innovation Report during Smart Manufacturing and Engineering Week at the NEC in Birmingham this week.

As a celebration of the UK’s manufacturing and engineering excellence and innovation, Smart Manufacturing and Engineering week brings the manufacturing community together to support the sector in all stages of their smart manufacturing and engineering journeys.

Drawing on insights from Section 3 of the UK Innovation Report 2024, Mateus discussed the UK machinery and equipment sector, which serves as a backbone for global productivity and drives innovation across numerous economic sectors. Mateus explored the sector’s performance and shared perspectives from industry experts.

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session focused on how the UK machinery and equipment manufacturing sector can perform globally and whether the sector is investing enough in R&D compared to the rest of UK manufacturing. Mateus said:

“It was great to have the chance to discuss the UK Innovation Report during SME week. The findings from the latest UK Innovation Report show that this sector is a hidden driver of economic growth and productivity and is also key to achieving societal goals such as decarbonisation and digitalisation.”

In a recent blog, Mateus examines the sector’s contributions to GDP, employment, and innovation across various industries, including agriculture, construction, and healthcare. He discusses export dynamics, the impact of offshoring, and the role of R&D, presenting key policy recommendations for the revitalisation of the sector.

The UK Innovation Report 2024, compiled by Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy, brings together innovation and value-added indicators in a single resource. Among other analyses, the report looks at whether the UK is producing enough scientists and engineers and how innovation translates into internationally competitive industries and well-paid jobs.

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