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New Babbage Award to recognise outstanding contributions to innovation policy

Published on February 7th 2024

In a collaboration between the Industry Studies Association (ISA) and the Babbage Forum at the University of Cambridge, a prestigious new award is set to recognise outstanding contributions to innovation policy.

The inaugural “Babbage Best Paper in Industrial Innovation Policy” award is now open for submissions . The award aims to highlight research that pushes the boundaries of industrial strategy, and elevates ISA’s commitment to fostering excellence in research on clean energy, sustainability, and industrial strategy.

Winning papers will be presented at the ISA annual meeting, which will take place in Sacramento, California, from June 13-15. The conference, themed “Empowering Community Wellbeing: Clean Energy, Sustainability, and Industrial Strategy,” aligns with the global movement towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future and will provide a platform for discussions on the challenges faced by managers, policymakers, labour, and technologists in this evolving landscape.

Winning papers are required to showcase a thorough involvement with both the theoretical and practical aspects of industrial innovation policy. They should demonstrate a significant dedication to comprehending the relationship between policy interventions and industrial dynamics to highlight the difficulties and possibilities for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and society.

The award includes a $750 honorarium for first prize and a $250 honorarium for the runner up. Papers not chosen as winners will still be considered for inclusion in the ISA Annual Conference programme.

The Babbage Forum brings together experts from economics, engineering and operations management to develop industrial innovation policies in an increasingly challenging world.

The submission deadline is Tuesday, February 13th 2024. For further information, submission guidelines, and conference details, please visit the ISA Conference website.

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