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New sectors to be included in the UK Innovation Report 2023

Published on October 18th 2022

The UK Innovation Report is a document that benchmarks the UK’s industrial and innovation performance in a global context. It brings together in a single place, innovation, and value-added indicators in a concise and accessible format.

Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (CIIP) launched the first edition of the UK Innovation Report in February 2021, aiming to demonstrate the value of combining different types of indicator and data sets to facilitate policy discussions on innovation and industrial performance.

Past editions of the UK Innovation Report have focused on providing deep dives on industrial performance of key economic sectors for the UK economy, such as Automotive and Pharmaceuticals.

In the 2023 edition of the Report, we will provide a deeper look into the industrial performance of the Aerospace and Food and Drink sectors, key sectors of the UK economy. Combined, the two sectors account for 10.3% of manufacturing firms, and 22.7% of manufacturing value added in 2020.

Consultations – a chance to have your say

We are keen to hear from those working in these industries to help better understand the trends in data and to represent the reality behind the numbers.

We are determined that the data in the report is supported by findings from industry, and we need your help to do this. It is vital to represent the reality behind the numbers to make effective policy recommendations.

At an exclusive consultation event at Digital Manufacturing Week 2022Carlos López-Gómez and David Leal Ayala will present our sectoral findings and invite you to contribute your own perspectives and experiences to help us to better understand the trends in the data.

We’ll be exploring questions such as:

  • Is the sector becoming more or less competitive internationally?
  • How is the sector performing in terms of productivity, value added and employment?
  • Is the UK sector investing enough in R&D compared to their international competitors?

This is your chance to connect with industry peers and contribute to a national dialogue on these sectors.

Find out more about the consultations and how you can get involved here:

Aerospace    Food and drink

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