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New study to help inform the development of innovation hubs

Published on December 17th 2020

Innovate UK have commissioned a study, conducted by CIIP’s Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and the Policy Links Unit, that will aim to inform the development of Innovation Hubs. These hubs will offer a new support mechanism within the Manufacturing Made Smarter (MMS) initiative. The MMS is one of the Industrial Stragetgy Challenge Fund (ISCF) challenges set out by UKRI.

The team will provide insights to help IUK develop the scope and governance model of the Innovation Hubs through the international review of international IDT testbed and living lab facilities and functions. They will strengthen the exisiting evidence base by examining:

  • governance models, funding sources and functions of comparable Innovation Hubs and R&D Centres internationally
  • international IDT testbed, living lab and other test and demonstration environments to identify attributes that might inform the development of UK MMS Innovation Hubs
  • current capabilities and resources of UK competence centres, IDT testbed and living lab facilities.

    The final project report is now available

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