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Dr Christian Rammer

Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, Germany

Christian is deputy head of ZEW’s Department ‘Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics’. His research focuses on empirical analysis of the determinants and impacts of innovation in firms, technology transfer between industry and science, and the design and evaluation of research and innovation policies.

Since 2003, Christian is director of ZEW’s annual innovation survey, the Mannheim Innovation Panel, which is the German contribution to the Community Innovation Surveys of the EU. In this capacity, he contributed to the 2018 revision of the Oslo Manual on Measuring Innovation, edited by OECD and the Statistical Office of the European Commission. Since 2019, Christian is vice chair of OECD’s Working Group ‘National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators’ (NESTI).

Before joining ZEW in 2000, he worked as a senior researcher at the Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf, Systems Research Technology-Economy-Environment (1997-2000) and as an assistant professor and lecturer at the Department for Economic Geography at the Vienna University of Economics and the University of Linz (1991-1996). Christian Rammer holds an MSc in Regional Analysis and a PhD from the University of Vienna.

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