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Professor Roberto Scazzieri

Economics, University of Bologna, National Lincei Academy, Bologna, Italy

Roberto Scazzieri is Professor of Economic Analysis at the University of Bologna and a National Fellow of the National Lincei Academy, Rome. He is a Senior Member of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and a Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge. He is also a Member of the International Network of Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy (CIIP), Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, and a Senior Research Associate of the Centre for Financial History, University of Cambridge. He was the founding Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Study of the University of Bologna.

His primary areas of interest are the economic theory of production and structural economic dynamics. His research has led him to investigate foundational aspects of production theory, and to address production structures as patterns of interdependencies determining the feasibility range of production processes. He has applied this analytical framework to the analysis of the relationships between the structure and the scale of production processes, and to the investigation of the relationship between the specification of production interdependencies, institutional arrangements, and economic dynamics. In this field he authored A Theory of Production. Tasks, Processes and Technical Practices (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1993) and co-authored The Constitution of Political Economy (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2022).

He also co-edited Dinamica economica strutturale (Bologna, Il Mulino, 1990), The Economic Theory of Structure and Change (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1990), Production and Economic Dynamics (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. 1996), The Economics of Structural Change, 3 volumes (Cheltenham and Northampton, E. Elgar, 2003), Resources, Production and Structural Dynamics (Cambridge, University Press, 2015), The Political Economy of the Eurozone (Cambridge University Press, 2017), The Palgrave Handbook of Political Economy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

His recent research also appeared or is forthcoming in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Constitutional Political Economy, Oeconomia, History of Political Economy, Revue d’économie industrielle, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Networks and Spatial Economics.

He recently co-edited the special issues ‘Frontiers of Industrial Policy’ (Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2019) and ‘Vulnerability, Resilience and Complexity in Socioeconomic Systems: A Connectivity Approach’ (Networks and Spatial Economics, 2022).

His current work explores key concepts of structural economic analysis such as the criterion of relative structural invariance, the possibility of alternative specifications of economic structure, and the implications of structural and connectivity analysis for the dynamics and political economy of production.

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