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Babbage Forum National Reports: Industrial Innovation Policy

Published on March 7th 2023

Many countries are reviewing their industrial innovation policies against rapidly evolving scientific, technological, societal and geopolitical landscapes. In some, this represents a marked shift in approach involving greater central government engagement with industry. In others, it continues well-established approaches in a changing context.

Drawing on research and interviews with leading policymakers, members of the Babbage Forum undertook to prepare a report on national industrial innovation policy practices in their country, together with examples of significant policy initiatives and their implications.

A simple framework was adopted that attempted to capture the main features of country practices in a way which would facilitate later comparison.

  • Content – the factors, information and evidence that influence the shaping of industrial innovation policy.
  • Processes – the way in which information and evidence may be analysed and synthesised in the formation of coherent industrial innovation policies.
  • Organisation – the arrangements for engaging the policymaking ecosystem including government, academic institutions and think tanks.
  • Cases – examples of successful industrial innovation policy interventions to identify effective practices.

Ten such national reports have been produced and are now available via the links below:

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Notes prepared by Mike GregoryGordon Attenborough and Sarah Cheung Johnson on behalf of The Babbage Forum, Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy, University of Cambridge.

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