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Industrial Innovation Policy: Challenges and opportunities

Published on March 7th 2023

Many countries are reviewing their industrial innovation policies against rapidly evolving scientific, technological, societal and geopolitical landscapes. In some, this represents a marked shift in approach involving greater central government engagement with industry. In others, it continues well-established approaches in a changing context.

Sharing practices from different countries in a multi-disciplinary context has the potential to enable more systematic approaches to policymaking and so the Babbage Forum has produced ten reports, covering industrial innovation policymaking in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Sweden, UK and the US.

These national reports highlighted that many lessons can be learned about approaches to industrial innovation policymaking choices and that exchanges of policymaking practices, as distinct from specific policies, could be of value.

Industrial Innovation Policy: Challenges and opportunities details that, while the context and approaches of different countries do indeed vary significantly, many face similar challenges. A number of themes of particular importance to policymakers are highlighted with this report concluding that four in particular represent the greatest challenge to and opportunity for effective industrial innovation policymaking.

Read the national reports here

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Note prepared by Mike GregoryGordon Attenborough and Sarah Cheung Johnson on behalf of The Babbage Forum, Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy, University of Cambridge.

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