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Study on adaptation and adoption of Industry 4.0

Published on February 12th 2020

A project for the United Nations Development Programme in Cambodia (2019-ongoing)

This project is assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to enable the country’s economy to adapt and adopt industry 4.0 technologies; and to inform UNDP’s programmatic support to this process.

Activities to be carried out during this project include the analysis of the current policy position, stance and plans, and institutions for implementation; current level of knowledge and awareness on Industry 4.0 in Cambodia’s public and private sectors (with a focus on manufacturing); industry’s capacity to merge current technologies and the ability to adopt new technologies; infrastructure and industrial needs to secure integration of Industry 4.0 (including energy supply, plant/facilities, institutions, and legislation); labour quality and availability, including skills requirements, ranging from the R&D to technical and operational levels.

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