International policy network

The Babbage Policy Forum brings together leading experts from economics, engineering and operations management with a shared interest in industrial innovation policy.

Through our network, we:

1. Share ideas, activities, opportunities and research priorities between members of our community
2. Highlight new and emerging trends which might influence policymaking in science, technology, innovation and manufacturing
3. Disseminate new findings from our research and practice

Global connections

We convene a global network of experts through our Babbage Policy Forum.

Who we work with

We convene events with representatives from leading international organisations and academic institutions.

The Babbage Symposium

Our flagship event is the annual Babbage Symposium which seeks to enable deeper cross-disciplinary understanding and better integrated, more robust foundations for policy deliberations in science, technology, innovation and manufacturing.

It forms, alongside smaller topic meetings throughout the year, part of the Babbage Policy Forum, a multidisciplinary forum to address the challenges facing policy makers in these fields.

Why Babbage?

The initiative reflects a growing concern among practitioners and academics that systematic policymaking in science, technology, innovation and manufacturing is leaves much to be desired.

Disciplinary voices from economics, engineering and operations all willingly offer advice – but they do so in different languages and with different frameworks and constructs. This can leave policymakers frustrated as they seek to integrate the diverse advice from these disciplines to focus on common challenges.

We offer a rare, cross-disciplinary environment that combines the strengths of policy contributions from each of these disciplines.

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