The UK Innovation Report 2022

Benchmarking the UK’s industrial and innovation performance in a global context

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The UK Innovation Report 2022

The 2022 UK Innovation Report

What makes this report different?

While numerous sources of data on the topic of innovation exist, the UK Innovation Report aims to make a contribution by bringing together, in a single place, innovation and value-added indicators in a concise and accessible format. The report seeks to demonstrate the value of combining different types of indicator and data sets to facilitate policy discussions on innovation and industrial performance – and the interplay between them.

Instead of structuring the report according to input and output indicators, as is typically done in reviews of innovation activity, the focus has been on bringing together indicators that provide rich quantitative representations that are relevant to the vitality of the UK’s innovation activity and its industrial performance in an international context. While the report does not make specific policy recommendations, it does highlight areas where additional evidence and policy action may be required.


  • To review the UK’s innovation and industrial performance and compare it with that of other selected countries;
  • To facilitate discussions on the relation between innovation and sectoral competitiveness; and
  • To contribute to the evidence base that is available to inform industrial and innovation policy.

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