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New innovation report launched

Published on February 9th 2021

On 9 February CIIP launched the first edition of the UK Innovation Report, a document that benchmarks the UK’s industrial and innovation performance in a global context. It brings together, for the first time in a single place, innovation and value-added indicators in a concise and accessible format.

The launch event was introduced by Lord David Sainsbury and chaired by Professor Tim Minshall. Insights from the report were presented by Eoin O’Sullivan and Carlos López-Gómez and respondents from BEIS and Make UK joined the speakers on a panel to address questions put forward by some of over 300 registrants.

The feedback received and comments received will help to inform future editions of the report and also the interim activities that will take place throughout the year. You can view the recording of the launch webinar here.

Do get in touch of you would like to provide any comments of your own, or if you have any questions.

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