Selected recent projects


Industry 4.0 and digital transformation | 14th April 2021

Digital industrial policy implementation strategies for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

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Industrial development | 25th March 2021

UK-Singapore collaborations in advanced manufacturing – Exploring win-win opportunities in research and innovation

Industrial development | 1st May 2020

Technical assistance to implement the national competitiveness agenda of Saint Lucia (2020)

Industrial development | 1st May 2020

A preliminary review of international approaches to supporting the manufacturing supply chains and workforce

Industrial development | 19th March 2020

Support to Jamaica’s innovation ecosystem for promoting innovative firms

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation | 14th November 2019

Supporting technological transformation in Indonesia (2018-20)

Industrial development | 4th September 2019

Supporting industrial innovation and technology adoption in Oman’s manufacturing sector (2019)

Technology and innovation | 29th September 2018

Developing domestic manufacturing for the solar energy sector in Oman: Opportunities and challenges (2018)

Industrial development | 22nd July 2018

Industry 2027 and disruptive innovations: Risks and opportunities for Brazil (2018)

Industrial development | 1st May 2018

Strategic roadmap for productive development policy in Trinidad and Tobago: Implementation strategy for centres of excellence (2018)

Industrial development | 12th April 2018

International experiences in developing place-based research and innovation funding programmes: Observations from selected programmes (2018)

Industrial development | 27th March 2018

Bespoke training for government officials in Singapore